Overview of dehydration: What to know, drink types, and tips

Content Does alcohol dehydrate you? How Much Water Do You Need? Does Alcohol Dehydrate You? Understanding The Health Risks Rethink the way you drink. Do some types of alcohol dehydrate you more than others? Alcohol disrupts the normal functioning of the cells lining the intestinal walls, which are responsible for absorbing water. This disruption can […]

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms, Timeline & Detox Treatment

Not all people progress through all of the stages of alcohol withdrawal. Symptoms usually begin within 6–12 hours of the last drink and can last for a few days. Individuals experiencing severe symptoms may require immediate treatment at the hospital treatment to minimize the risk of potential complications. For many, the stages of alcohol withdrawal […]

Nonprofit Alcohol Organizations: Alcohol Advocacy Groups

Content Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Loved Ones with Substance Use Disorders How to Help an Alcoholic: A Guide to Support and Recovery Resources for Parents Alcoholism Resources How to Talk to Someone About Their Drinking Alcohol and Substance Abuse at Work Instead of offering ultimatums, offer advice or options for help. This means doing your […]

Benefits of Being Sober Health Benefits of Sobriety

Many people turn to a higher power for motivation to overcome drug misuse. A higher power often refers to a deity, but some people interpret it as nature or self-will. Religion or spirituality https://onesimplemama.com/page/38/ can help people achieve calmness, peace and sanity. Staying connected to a higher power can give people the strength to avoid […]

How To Taper Off Alcohol Risks of Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

Content Who is likely to have significant alcohol withdrawal symptoms? Alcohol Tapering Calculator Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be both physical and psychological and often include: Reduce Excessive Activity Levels Setting Up A Taper Schedule As a licensed clinician, Cheryl stands ready to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of mental, behavioral, and personality disorders that […]

34 Funny Sober Quotes to Brighten Your Day

Content Addiction Treatments Quotes About Letting Go👋: Embracing Change, Moving Forward and Healing Encouraging Quotes About Change That Will Inspire Your Growth Appreciate that small steps amount to incredible progress: Funny Sober Quotes Remind yourself of your ‘why”: In this post, we’ll go into whether or not Modafinil is a restricted substance, as well as […]